Monday, 6 February 2012

New works

Wow, its been a while since i've made a blog post. So, there have been a few new pieces Since my last post, some of which have already appeared on facebook and a few more which haven't yet (hence why i'm writing this now). First i'll put up they stuff that has already appeared, a couple of Bargue copies and a painting from "How to paint like the old masters" by Joseph Sheppard.



And then a painting of my own based on a photo I took on a trip to cornwall a year or two back. I wanted to try painting something totally different (light, landscape) along with a subject I've always wanted to paint (boats and ships)


Now, finally, onto the new stuff. I've gone back to the technique I developed during my final year of university, a mixed media consisting of graphite and mische (a blend of oils and egg tempera) separated by a vast amount of fixative. The goal of which was to tint the graphite without resorting to digital means or using tinted paper which the graphite covers instead of being covered. Mische was the only medium I found that did the absolute minimum damage to the graphite detail.

reclining nude1

Also a straight graphite drawing of a schooner.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A few new pieces

First off I have two pieces trying my hand at abstract landscapes. For the past few years I've been following an artist called Kurt Jackson, a Cornish abstract landscape painter. His work is incredible and after going to one of his exhibitions I always try my hand at a few pieces myself. These two are based off some photos I took on Dartmoor a few years ago.

Next a piece I've recently been working on. I've been trying to develop my figure painting skills for some time and this piece has been a big leap forward, particularly as its not in my usual medium. Acrylic on canvas 18X26 inches

Finally an old painting I've just found again. Again this is an acylic on canvas figure. I never quite got the skin tones right on this but may revisit it soon.

Artist reference photos

A brilliant facebook page for artists/photographers to submit photos for artistic reference. The hold a monthly art competition as well as a photography competition. Simply comment on the user agreement note to have full access to their imagebank. This was my submission for the october art competition.


Dore Copy

Finishing university left me at a real loose end for a little while. Over the summer I intend to develop my basic drawing skills particularly in anatomy and classical realism. This image is the first I have produced since finishing uni and helping me get back into the swing of things. It is a graphite copy of a Gustave Dore engraving. I particularly like Dore engravings, not only for the imagination and creativity in them but also in that as engravings they are forced to leave smaller details and gradual tonal shifts out making for an interesting challenge in producing copies.


End of University and beyond

So university finally came to an end some months ago now but I never got around to making a final blog post about it really. Below are a few images that may not have appeared on here before from my time at uni, just to draw a line under the whole thing so to speak and show the work I produced.


3 min fix 2084

3 min fix 2085



Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Swansea Metropolitan University, Illustration 2011 Graduate show

The third year students of Swansea Metropolitans Illustration course 2011 have just finished their first final year show titled Arboretum. The title came from the concept of the university experience been like a tree. Student came together as roots, joined together during university as the trunk and are now flourishing and spreading the seeds of their work around. An Arboretum is an area dedicated to the study  of various trees for exhibition or scientific study.

35 Students exhibited work with a broad range of medium and styles. 25 of these students elected to go on to produce a second show at London's prestigious Brick Lane Gallery in their new space The Annexe. This show will be on from the 22nd to the 26th of June (add a comment to receive fuller details as they become available).

Thursday, 21 April 2011

New website

My new site  Still very much in its infancy but this is my new site which will serve as portfolio site and work in progress blog. Please take a look.