Monday, 6 February 2012

New works

Wow, its been a while since i've made a blog post. So, there have been a few new pieces Since my last post, some of which have already appeared on facebook and a few more which haven't yet (hence why i'm writing this now). First i'll put up they stuff that has already appeared, a couple of Bargue copies and a painting from "How to paint like the old masters" by Joseph Sheppard.



And then a painting of my own based on a photo I took on a trip to cornwall a year or two back. I wanted to try painting something totally different (light, landscape) along with a subject I've always wanted to paint (boats and ships)


Now, finally, onto the new stuff. I've gone back to the technique I developed during my final year of university, a mixed media consisting of graphite and mische (a blend of oils and egg tempera) separated by a vast amount of fixative. The goal of which was to tint the graphite without resorting to digital means or using tinted paper which the graphite covers instead of being covered. Mische was the only medium I found that did the absolute minimum damage to the graphite detail.

reclining nude1

Also a straight graphite drawing of a schooner.